Taiwan Sports 2019 – 6.30.2019 – Arriving, Orientating and Eating

Taiwan Sports 2019 – 6.30.2019 – Arriving, Orientating and Eating

The picture above was from when we landed in Taiwan!!  We were so glad to be off of that plane…

We then took a ride on a high-speed train and got settled in our final destination!  We were so thankful to get to sleep!

On Sunday evening, we returned to our rooms by like 8 pm. Most everyone on our team just “hit a wall” by 6 or 7 pm that night. We were doing orientation, and it was funny to see as one by one, our people struggle to stay awake. Haha! But before that, we have had an excellent day in every way!   Here are some highlights:

*Breakfast at Starbucks

*Worship at Taiwanese Church- sooo special! Cliff and I knew all but one hymn (our kids didn’t as they have grown up singing more choruses), so we sang along in English. So powerful – of course, I cried! One of my favorite things to do is worship with brothers and sisters from other cultures/languages.

*Cliff preached with an interpreter- so powerful!

*The church fed us a typical Taiwanese lunch- dumplings and noodles and bubble tea

*We walked to the metro and took underground to the District where our dear friends live – there were gorgeous gowns in the windows- wow!

*We stopped at a fancy Taiwanese bakery next to their apartment – it was pretty tasty!

*We spent rest of afternoon at our friends’ house sharing testimonies and preparing for sports camp

*Some taxis got lost coming back to where we are staying- so funny and a cultural experience indeed

*The teachers from a local school gave us a welcome party with pizza from Dominos (but like none we have ever seen- with special toppings like shrimp, crab meat, and other unusual flavors, even one with chicken topped with a sweet frosting, more of the bubble tea.

*An orientation for camp the next 3 days by the teachers that will help us interpret (this is when they all started fading- I wish I could have taken video of our team’s faces – hilarious as they fought to stay awake! So, we cut it a little short and headed back here.

Please pray for great rest and refreshed hearts to teach and sensitivity to the Father’s leading for sharing our faith.

-written by Mrs. Suzy Lea