Sweet Times

Sweet Times

What an incredible couple of days we’ve had!! Yesterday, we met with D & S and spent the morning with them. It’s so encouraging to see all the ways that Father is working in and through their lives!

Last night, Cliff, Suzy, Tom & Nancy spent time with several of our friends and shared on the importance of a marriage that honors the Father! We all spent the evening with their children while the Moms and Dads went out for a date! We had a blast with those precious children!

This evening, Cliff & Tom went and hung out with the men and kids while Suzy, Nancy, Gina, Kathy and Claire spent the evening with almost 30 of the ladies here! Here’s a picture of all of our shoes, as we often remove shoes before entering a home here.

What an amazing time we had sharing with these sweet ladies!! It is so neat to put faces to names, to meet those about whom we have been talking with the Father so much. It was truly a night we will never forget, and we are so very thankful!

We head out tomorrow evening and look forward to touching down at home Friday evening. Thank you so much for lifting us up on this journey!