ReHired Program – 5.6.2019 – Battling Sickness

ReHired Program – 5.6.2019 – Battling Sickness

We started off Monday on our last day with friends in an ancient city touring.  Mr.C had developed a nasty cold but carried on with all the activities until we reached home. That’s when he admitted just how badly he had felt.  Tuesday morning Mrs. C woke up with it and she fully understood the sacrifice he had made to carry on with that weekend’s adventures.

This week was spent on the couches with our friends the cough drop, ibuprofen, and Kleenex.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to the hometown of one of the teachers.

Mrs.C developed fever also resulting in us also canceling our long-awaited trip to the western mountains…however, that may not really be such a bad thing since they are reported to get a foot and a half of snow this weekend!

But being laid up on the couch does not make us useless.  Many hours have been spent lifting up many people, including you!

In need of healing,