ReHired Program – 5.20.2019 – A Fun Trip with a Sweet Friend

ReHired Program – 5.20.2019 – A Fun Trip with a Sweet Friend

What an exciting week this has been for us!

One of our new young believers invited us to her hometown. She wanted us to bring the school children “hope for a better future”. She had gone to school there herself and never realized there was a big huge world out there.  Most of these children never see their parents. They live with grandparents. None had ever seen a western person in person! One said we liked like aliens.  Our young friend has such a burden for her home town that she put this whole trip together, finding a wealthy businessman to pay the way, transportation, food, hotel, and even special t-shirts! And she put together a team of 11 of us to make this day special for the children.

High in the mountains about three and a half hours from our apartment was nestled this little village.

When we pulled up to the school the children were all in class, but when the bell rang they ran to the playground to greet us. All 400 of them!  All 400 got at least one hug from each of us. We got to share in their classroom a little about our lives and a little English lesson. But their favorite part was “The Hokey Pokey”. We guess you never thought of that as an English lesson! They loved it.  We sat in on a music class, an art class and a science class. We had to participate in the science class by balancing one egg in top of another. We were told “it’s all in your breathing.” And we did it!

On the way to the playground, one student got the idea they wanted our autograph. Then all 400 did. We were jammed against a wall with little pieces of paper being shoved at us. We didn’t miss a one.

The team even hired a photographer for the day and a drone to take pictures of all 400 kids, teacher, staff and team members.

After hugging all the children again as they went home for the day, the teachers held a special meeting to show their gratitude.

But that wasn’t the end. Then there was the barbecue.

Meats cooked over metal containers and open fire.

Peanut juice to drink!

When we got to the hotel we were exhausted. Our hearts were filled with joy and sadness, overwhelmed by the experience.

The trip home the next day took us through the mountains into the clouds, past a market selling delicious sweet cherries.

The last stop was at one of the highest rated restaurants in the city. There we were joined by the businessman that had taken care of all our needs.  He had picked out the highest quality foods for us. And when we told him it was our tradition to ask a blessing over our meal, he did not resist. He bowed his head too.

We know this trip was so important to our young friend, and we’re so glad we could do this. Our hearts are full and broken at the same time because we are not permitted to tell them about where true hope comes from. But please ask Father for a time in the near future when we can come and speak openly about the truth so that these young children might hear and believe. Who knows, you might be the one who gets to do that for Him!

There’s more work to be done!