ReHired Program – 5.13.2019 – The Father Works in Mysterious Ways

ReHired Program – 5.13.2019 – The Father Works in Mysterious Ways

Hi. It’s Mrs. C coming to you today. Hoping all the moms back home had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mr. C knew just what to get me, fresh flowers and chocolate fudge cake!

Having been a nurse all my life, I love to seek out clinics and hospitals wherever we travel to see how things are done.  Last time we traveled here, I was given the pleasure of observing twice a week at an international clinic just across the street from where we are living.  I got to observe, share stories about nursing, even teach a little. We did some emergency drills, even one where Mr. C had a fake heart attack. We built great bonds and stayed in touch while I was back home. Now, when I say it’s just across the street it’s not that easy. You see, it’s a six lane street that is very busy. There are three ways to cross.  One is to walk south a half block where it becomes an eight lane hectic intersection.  The other is to walk north to a pedestrian cross over, up three flights of stairs and down, then double back to the clinic. The third way is a little U-turn that is right across from our entrance but hugely unsafe to try to use.

When we arrived here this year, I messaged the nurses that I was in town and would be over to see them soon.   But our schedules filled so quickly that one week went by, then three, then six, then eight and I had not made it there. Now I was embarrassed because I knew I was supposed to keep that contact.  The Father knew too. I wasn’t getting any better from my mystery illness. I was getting weaker until Thursday morning I collapsed into Mr. C’s arms. Next thing I knew, I was on the couch and he was on the phone . Too weak to walk to the clinic, they sent him out for some emergency hydration therapy and  instructed him to get me to the clinic as soon as the meds started to work. About 1:30 I thought I had a chance  of making it but I dreaded the walk.  We walked out of our apartment and unbelievably there was not a car in sight. We crossed through the u turn and got there easily. When we entered the clinic Mr C announced, “This is not a drill. She is sick”.  They moved swiftly to get my vitals (heart rate 140),  notify the doctor, and start IVs and meds. I knew they were a little apprehensive about making sure they did their job perfectly for me, and they did. I just offered praise and thanks.  I had to return the next day for more fluids and meds and, once again, there was not a car in sight on this busy road. I was surrounded by these loving nurses caring for me so well. I was overwhelmed by their compassion and love.  And I think they were touched by how I easily let them care for me, never instructing or correcting, just grateful.  I didn’t get there to visit them as soon as I had wanted, but when I did get there, the Father used the experience in a totally different way than I could have imagined. A  new trust and a new bond was formed and His love shone.  Even when things are not going the way you planned, the Father can use any experience if you open yourself up for His use.

Praise…I’m better!😉

Mrs. C