ReHired Program – 4.8.2019 – That’s What It’s All About

ReHired Program – 4.8.2019 – That’s What It’s All About

Sharing the Good news and relationship building is what it’s all about.  Yes, even if that means you have to stick your feet in a bowl of hungry fish with a friend to bond more closely with them!

This week we continued to build on those relationships.  Our English corners are packed with over 40 showing up on Tuesday.  Thank you for lifting up the problem with the disruptive one.  This week he came twice and was cooperative and interested!

Our private studies have gone well. One new sister brought 2 friends to her study!

We also got to have a Korean barbecue with 2 of our exchange students.  What wonderful girls they are!  They shine the Father’s light wherever they go.

We had a 16-hour day Saturday as we travel to another village with a young college student.  She is so hungry for a good life but not ready for what we want to share. But every meal she asks if we want to bless it, which tells us that she’s listening.  We spent the day with 2 of her high school classmates as they showed us their home in an ancient town.  These college kids are so eager to be with us and listen.  We ended the day with her whole family preparing a feast for us.  Her grandparents are just a few years older than us.  After dinner, her grandfather shared the hardships he faced as a child and we shared that we knew of these hardships when we were children and that we had lifted them up.  There was a change in his expression that seemed to say that he had no idea we had cared.  And a very special bond was formed at that moment.  We may not have been able to share our whole story, but they did see the Father’s love while we were there.

This week’s requests:

  • English corner relationships
  • Private studies and English understanding
  • Opportunity for seeker’s hearts to be opened

Thank you for continuing to lift us up!!