ReHired Program – 4.30.2019 – A Quick Trip

ReHired Program – 4.30.2019 – A Quick Trip

We spent the beginning  of last week finishing up our trip to Malaysia, learning the differences and similarities of our world and beliefs. We loved the time with our dear brother “R” and experiencing his passion. Please lift him up. We will come home with more stories about him and how we can help him in his work.

We came back to our home city for just 2 days,

long enough to do some laundry, make some calls of encouragement, meet with some for study time, and then repack.

We then took a 4 days trip with  another M couple to an ancient city for some R & R.  No, it was not for rest and relaxation. It was more like revitalization and reinspiration.  We were non-stop moving the whole time as we took in the sights of what was happening in this part of the world 2000 years ago and seeing how much the Son was needed at that time! We even biked nearly 10 miles!

Here are a few more pictures:

We have many tales to tell and pictures to show when we return.  The only down side to the trip was Mr. C developed a cold and lost his voice but he never slowed down his pace.

Requests for this week:

  • Remember our friend “R” and his work
  • For Mr. C as he fights a cold and struggles with some knee pain
  • For our study connections
  • For the ever changing situations here and those living and leaving here

Blessings to all,