ReHired Program 4.1.2020 – On the Ground and Settling in

ReHired Program 4.1.2020 – On the Ground and Settling in

We arrived safely in Taiwan on St. Patrick’s day and proceeded to our host city of Taichung without a mandated quarantine period.  Yay!!  A few hours after our arrival, the Taiwan government closed the borders to incoming foreigners.  We took that as confirmation of our trip.

The first few nights, we enjoyed the hospitality of our host family as we began getting oriented and trying to adjust to the 12-hour time difference.  Our hosts are a family that we knew during our first ReHired trip in 2018.  They greatly appreciated the gifts we delivered from FBCL.  We’ve now moved into a studio apartment directly across from the university campus where we will spend much of our time.  It’s also a short walk to a local congregation that we will begin partnering with soon.  The views from our apartment include a beautifully landscaped campus on one side (including cherry trees in bloom) and mountains on another.


 Most Taiwanese schools and businesses are open.

As a precaution, we maintained a voluntary 14-day distancing period away from other members of our group.  We used this time to walk the campus (wearing face masks),

make purchases for the apartment, study the Word, and watch FBCL services online.

We’ve made friends with a relatively new Taiwanese sister that we are enjoying getting to know better.  She is also helping us with some translating issues.  We’ve also spent time with two recently arrived Korean girls that will work with us during our time here.

We’re excited that we’ve now completed our 14-day distancing period and we’re getting to know some more of our group.

We already have several new friends from different parts of the world and with a variety of backgrounds (one of the really great benefits of this program).   Our calendar is starting to fill with activities related to our roles here and we can’t wait to see what’s next.  We are free to share openly.

Taiwan is home to several ancient traditional religions. We are approaching a holiday known as Tomb Sweeping Day where many people seek the blessings of ancestors by honoring them and offering sacrifices such as food and money.

Street vendors sell fake paper money that is burned as a sacrifice so that the deceased will not lack in any needs.

Please pray for our ability to connect with local students and adults, that our group members remain healthy, that the virus does not block opportunities, that the kingdom grows and that God be glorified.

-David and Sandy