ReHired Program – 4.1.2019 – Nachos, UNO and Great Conversations

ReHired Program – 4.1.2019 – Nachos, UNO and Great Conversations

We have had another amazing week as the Father poured out His blessings again and again. We are seeing record numbers at English corners.  This week and next the regular leader is traveling so we were blessed with the opportunity to lead.  Such intelligent young people come. All are so eager to learn!

Our English teacher classes this week acted out parables.  They are very talented and so sweet!

We got to have dinner with two other families that live here and get a glimpse into their lives and found out ways that we might help them.

Then Friday night we had our “Nachos and game night” at our home here. What fun.

UNO never gets old. But playing “spoons” using chopsticks can become very dangerous very quickly!  There was much laughter.  But the evening ended with tears of joy as we increased our family by one more!  We are praising the Father for His free gift received by this beautiful young lady.  We were all jumping for joy!  Lift her up as she grows.

Sunday we gather with like minded people from around the world at international fellowship.   So amazing to hear many accents, all singing and celebrating together. Our eyes were once again filled with tears of joy.

Our appointments for one-on-one studies are increasing each week.  We are so grateful to have this opportunity.  It is so inspiring to be with ones so hungry for more knowledge!!!  Lift these young people up.

Here are some requests for this week:

That our one-on-one studies will be deep and meaningful

For our English corners as we lead again this week

For protection at the English corner from one who is causing disruption there

For our English class as we deepen our study of the language using the subject of love

Thank you for your continued support. We can feel it here, and we are seeing great results!

All praise to the Father,

-C & C