ReHired Program – 3.25.2019 – Another Busy Week

ReHired Program – 3.25.2019 – Another Busy Week

This week did not really go as planned, but the Father is so good to still carry out His plans. Mrs. C fought off a virus for 5 days, but Mr. C carried on.

We’ve had record numbers attending English corners every night.  Great relationships are being formed and good questions are being asked.

 Mr. C got our English teachers’ class laughing with a fun class using mad libs. They so enjoyed reading their crazy stories aloud.

By Friday Mrs. C  was up and about, spending a wonderful afternoon with a friend, lady talking about being a woman, wife and mother and the challenges of doing this in a different culture.  Then we met up with her kids and our spouses for a great family dinner and some very unusual rides with the kids at the mall. There was much laughter that day!

Saturday we had dinner with a young lady and her friend. She had formed a great relationship with our former ReHireds, D and S (good job D&S!). She called us to continue what they had started so well.  Dinner included fish, brain, and chicken feet (which were so spicy you had to hold them with gloves on).

We are looking forward to more time together.

Sunday morning we met with friends and then to lunch.  Then, believe it or not, we had more karaoke,

this time at a 10 year-old’s birthday party.

We had not met her or her family before but had been referred because they were seeking some new relationships.  We are anxious to build on that.  But hopefully we will not have to sing “Let it go” from Frozen again. Haha!

Please lift us up this week was we have a very full schedule with new studies. Also we will have “Nachos and Game night” here on Friday. This will be a great time to open our doors and share our stories.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

-C & C