ReHired Program – 3.13.2019 – Already Busy

ReHired Program – 3.13.2019 – Already Busy

Another week in this beautiful ever evolving city.  Check out the picture of construction of this new building but don’t miss the tiny 8 story building at its base that is set for demolition.


On a quick run to Walmart we can pick up some fresh frog for dinner…

or we can opt to go 2 doors down for a gourmet dinner.

This week as school got started in the area there is high level of excitement and activity everywhere.  We got the opportunity to talk with over 60 young people and get to know more about their lives, goals, and struggles.  We also got to spend individual times with friends here and share their lives, goals, and struggles as well.

The Father is here and working. Keep lifting us up as we expand our friend circle!

C &C