ReHired Program – 2.21.2019 – Touring Around our City

ReHired Program – 2.21.2019 – Touring Around our City

One of our friends took us to a “foot scrubbing” place where we three professionals did various techniques to our feet and backs.  Massages, callous removals, etc.  It was so much fun!

The second is a picture of “dragon eyes” — a fruit the size of a ping pong ball.  When the “skin” is removed, it is an almost gelatinous translucent fruit that is sweet.  The center looks like the pupil; thus “dragon eyes”!

The next three pictures were taken at a light show that tied in with a Mayan festival.  We went during the evening and we “old folk” got in for FREE!!!  Oh, yes; it pays to be old!!!  The lights were outstanding and covered several acres of winding paths.  The tulips were especially delightful to see!

Pictured below is our dinner at a restaurant where we were served 2 pots of a whole fish perfectly cooked.  One of our friends invited four members from a tribe south of the city.  One tribal members had been mentored by one our friends and became a believer three years ago!  He received his bachelor’s degree and needs to raise money by May to go further to get his Master’s degree.

These next two pictures were taken at one of the huge public markets that is very close to us.

And these last two pictures were taken at the infamous Panda Park where we scooped 2 of our friends’ kids and treated them to see the pandas.  They even got to pet one of the Red Pandas TWICE!!!  What fun!

See you soon!!

-K & M