Re-Hired Program – 9.2.2019 – Back in the Saddle

Re-Hired Program – 9.2.2019 – Back in the Saddle

Now that we have been back for a week, with most of the jet-lag behind us, we are truly thankful!

We are already settled into our apartment and we hit the ground with our feet moving, even if a little slowly.

Already Father has given us grace to reconnect with American friends whom we have missed for the past year and a half.  And we have been able to reconnect with new local family members we have not seen for more than a year.  One young man came from a family whose grandmother is Buddhist, his mother is atheist.  He is growing and eager to learn more about the Father.

Contact has been made with another young woman we said goodbye to so long ago.  We had lost all contact, but we will see her Tuesday evening at an event called English Corner.  This will refresh our hearts.  We are eager to learn how she is walking.  Her young faith (which was only 2 weeks old at the time we left) was being sorely tried when we left this country.

Arrangements are being made to meet the mother of a young sister who is now studying in America.  Two mature local women are making preparations for us to meet with her so they can be our translators.  We had lunch with these 2 followers in one of their homes. It is special to be invited into their home because that is not the norm.  It will be our goal to reach this mother’s heart with the Good News.

Soon we will be inviting people into our home who are eager to learn more about the Father.  We believe there will be much rejoicing in heaven for a great harvest that is coming!

-C & S