Re-Hired Program – 6.5.2019 – A Beautiful Land; A Beautiful People

Re-Hired Program – 6.5.2019 – A Beautiful Land; A Beautiful People

What a beautiful country we are in.  The flowers are so beautiful.

They rival The Villages in landscaping here.  The Father’s creations remind us everyday of His eternal presence with us.  More beautiful than the flowers are the people – always so warm and welcoming, with such tender hearts.

This week has been another great time as we continue to reach out.  We have one new friend that is so excited about her new walk with Father.  She was to meet us for study and she brought along 4 friends.  Excitedly, she explained she had shared what she now believed and wanted them to believe also.  One had to leave early but the rest of us sat on our living room floor with good books open and poured over the Word.  At the end, our friend said to her friends,  “Okay, it’s your turn, just ask Him into your heart, just do it, why did you wait?”… she wanted them all to commit right then. One said yes and prayed! The other 2 wanted to wait but wanted to meet again this week. It is obvious that they are both close to a decision. It is so amazing to watch the fire in a new believer. It reignites our passion to share when we see this unconstrained desire to let everyone around us know the joy of finding the truth.

On Friday night, we had a wonderful party in our home with 25 young people and a time of western food and games.

On Saturday, a local friend took us shopping at a nearby ancient city. In the evening we had dinner with our former language teacher and her husband as they celebrated 1 year of marriage. It’s so wonderful to see their devotion to the Father even though their local fellowship has been closed.

On Sunday, we taught at a marriage conference on the “Emotional Cup”. If you don’t know what this is, feel free to ask. We would love to share.

We just have 2 weeks left.  We worry about these new believers getting fed after we leave. Please join us in asking the Father to quickly provide mentors for them so they can continue to grow and stay on fire for Him!

See you soon,