Re-Hired Program – 5.18.2020 – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Re-Hired Program – 5.18.2020 – Shake, Rattle and Roll

We have reached halftime of our trip to Taiwan.  You may remember the term “halftime” from back when we still had sporting events in America.

We’ve now been in Taiwan for two months and we anticipate our departure in about another two months from now.  We say “anticipate the departure date” because we haven’t yet purchased our return flights.  We’ve been trying to patiently watch how ministry opportunities here are developing while at the same time keeping an eye on news from home.  We would appreciate your prayers for some family health issues that have recently developed.

Mostly, our daily schedule of activities remains unchanged from those we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs.  The outdoor English Corner is starting to grow in numbers with the introduction of free pizza and soft drinks along with more active advertising.  Sometimes bribery pays off.  Some of the new English Corner students then come to the Friday game nights.  Game nights have consistently drawn a good crowd.

Some of our best ministry opportunities happen during and after the English Corner and also with the two classroom English studies.

We recently began a weekly small group English / Bible study in our apartment.

We’re praying that this will allow us to go a little deeper with the students searching for more answers.

Much of our activity near the college campus is designed to develop interest among the students that will draw them to the ministry of Enguang Baptist.  This is the nearby church that offers us the space to hold Game Night.  Their church leadership is actively welcoming this age group with open arms.  Several of their younger church members are now regularly attending game night and the church is planning a new Saturday young adult worship service starting June 6th.  We have a couple of pre-events planned in the time leading up to this new worship service.  We hope to eventually move the weekly Bible study to a classroom at the church so that it might continue after our departure.

We felt God shaking the earth recently.  On the morning of May 3rd, Taiwan experienced a 5.2 earthquake centered near the east coast of the island.

The island is only about 90 miles wide at its widest point so we could feel it in our 6th floor apartment.  We were sitting up on our bed at the time and it began with a few seconds of mild vibrating.  I looked to see if it was Sandy tapping her legs, but she wasn’t moving.  Then the whole bed rattled for several seconds and we knew what was happening.  It was a pretty mild quake, but it got our attention.

Besides plenty of Taiwanese and Chinese restaurants, we are finding a variety of food choices, including this Indian restaurant.

We enjoyed this curry-flavored lunch complete with soup, salad, bread and Masala tea.

Of course, it’s not all healthy eating.  Taiwan is becoming more westernized with familiar chains like Domino’s, KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King.

Temperatures are starting to warm up a bit since our early spring arrival.  It’s starting to feel more like a Florida summer.  It’s better to plan outdoor activities for early morning or early evening.  We’re expecting more rain in our forecast soon.  Taiwan is a tropical to sub-tropical island that experiences a summer rainy season.  Much of the eastern side of the island is mountainous and this varies the climate in different parts of the island.  Our location in Taichung is considered sub-tropical and our positioning in relation to the mountains reduces the amount of rainfall from what much of the island experiences.  The mountains also protect us from the occasional typhoons that come this way later in the summer and fall.  Floridians are familiar with that seasonal experience.


David and Sandy