Re-Hired Program – 5.1.2020 – Friends, Coffee Shops and Bubble Tea

Re-Hired Program – 5.1.2020 – Friends, Coffee Shops and Bubble Tea

Life in Taiwan is continuing on without overly burdening restrictions due to the virus.  The government did a great job of addressing the issues early on and the number of new daily confirmed cases nationwide is often one or none.  Being an island nation helps to control entry to the country.  Nearly all newly identified cases are associated with citizens that have recently returned from foreign travel, and they are monitored after arrival.  People are wearing masks and keeping a separation distance in lines.  We have restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend a given event.  Most churches are holding live services but attendance is limited to the allowable number.

This past Sunday, we attended an international fellowship service.  It was great to worship and listen to the message in English.  This fellowship does a weekly online attendance registration as a way of limiting the crowd size.  They are taking extra measures to stay connected with their congregation through the week with multiple online studies offered, much like FBCL is offering.

Our college-age ministry activities with the universities and our “home church”, Enguang Baptist, are continuing well.  Some of our English classes did not meet this past week due to mid-term exams but the students do still look forward to the break from study that the Friday Game Night offers.

We often have the opportunity to get with some of our new friends in more casual social settings.  We recently shared a picnic lunch with a Christian college-age Taiwanese girl that we met at Enguang.  She is helping us to connect with other students and we are meeting with her to improve her English reading skills.

We are quickly becoming good friends with a fun-loving couple closer to our age from Enguang church who are really making an extra effort to connect college students with their church.  They are not at all hesitant to jump into Game Night and English corner with the students.  Here we are sharing lunch with these friends.

Coffee/Tea shops are everywhere in our city including several options right across from our apartment.  These provide a great casual setting for meeting with students/friends.  Here’s a recent Sunday after-church gathering near Enguang church.

Sandy is enjoying a cup of bubble milk tea while we wait to enjoy our supper of Chinese dumplings with spicy hot Sichuan sauce.  The hand signal she is forming is something the students often due in photo poses.  It symbolizes a heart or love.

These dumplings were a big favorite of ours during our first ReHired trip to the mainland.  Sichuan Province is famous for its spicy cuisine including small “numbing” peppers in many dishes.  Here in Taiwan, bubble milk tea has become one of my favorite treats.  They promise to remove all the calories and fat first…????

Following a morning prayer gathering in a church near this museum, we decided to spend the afternoon walking through the National Museum of Natural Science where we ran into these guys.  “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…oops”

Please continue to lift up the people of both this nation and of ours,

David and Sandy