Re-Hired Program – 4.9.2020 – Coming out of Quarantine and Finding Many New Opportunities

Re-Hired Program – 4.9.2020 – Coming out of Quarantine and Finding Many New Opportunities

Our activity level picked up considerably this week as we emerged from our voluntary 14-day distancing period.  While still taking appropriate precautions, we were able to begin connecting with some new friends.  On Saturday, we participated with several others from our group along with some local church members and their pastor in prayer-walking a neighborhood, passing out flyers for a weekly English class/study, and we got to share the Gospel with a few willing listeners.  We will go on a similar walk this coming Saturday (day before Easter) in the neighborhood around our apartment.  We were blessed to be able to attend a live Palm Sunday service in a small Baptist church nearby and we’re continuing to stay connected with FBCL services on-line.  The local service was in Mandarin, but we recognized most of the worship music and several very friendly English-speakers provided us with the scripture verses in the sermon.

We enjoyed chatting with students during an English Corner on the campus across from us this week.  English Corner is a weekly gathering time for anyone interested in practicing their speaking skills with English-speaking hosts.  Many students have studied English in school as a way of enhancing their careers.  They seem to enjoy getting to practice and this gives us a chance to connect with them and maybe interest them in further discussions on faith.

On Tuesday afternoon and again on Wednesday evening we served as moderators at two different campuses for a weekly elective English class.  About 30 students attended each session in which some practical English topics are presented and then discussed within individual table groups.  The lessons conclude with a faith-based story (this week was the Easter story) and discussion.  These sessions provide a great lead-in to further discussion.  Some of the students seemed interested in joining us for a game night we are starting next week.

We tried out some fresh local produce from a weekly organic market on campus

and taste-tested some extremely spicy Korean noodles we purchased at the grocery.

We both love spicy food, but we have to admit that these noodles really got our attention.  Drank lots of water with these babies.

Our regular meeting with members of our group of westerners focuses on a different topic each week.  One week we might discuss upcoming opportunities, the next might be training in a particular area or meeting with local pastors.  This week we shared a joint prayer session, lifting up both local concerns and those at home in the US.

Happy Resurrection Sunday,

David and Sandy