ReHired Program – 1.14.2019 – More Fun Times

ReHired Program – 1.14.2019 – More Fun Times

More Fun Times

We continue on to week 8 and are doing well.  Below are pics from this past week.  The first is a drawing of one of the M kids, age 12; simply amazing!

Next is a slide shown to East Asian women vying to become teachers on how to write notes of appreciation.

We continue to be amazed of the beauty here — a simple vine growing out of a bowl.

Fourth is a picture of roasted peanuts ready to be made into peanut butter; a practice done by many here!

Here is the finished product!  It is yummy!!

Here is little Annie, the darling doggie of some of our friends.

Everyone is getting ready for Chinese New Year and ornaments are adorned by many families.

Here is a picture of a Korean BBQ we shared with Koreans — it was lots of fun watching the chef preparing it right in front of us.


And last but not least, seven of us played a card game called “Exploding Kittens” — we will leave you thinking about that one!  Fun, fun, fun!!!

Yes, the adventure continues!!  Thank you for joining in with us through your pr.

-K & M