ReHired Program – 05.31.2018 – Heading Home with Full Hearts

ReHired Program – 05.31.2018 – Heading Home with Full Hearts

Heading Home with Full Hearts

Oh how very difficult it is to say goodbye. We said goodbye to one of our English corners last night and realizing you may not ever see them again is so sad. They wanted pictures so we posed for so many and we had several group shots. Part of my heart will stay behind in this city. S&D fit in very well and enjoyed themselves last night. We have been having the navigate around the city using the app. Today we will pay bills so they know where to go. Friday night all the power went out in our apt. I thought perhaps the electric card ran out so the next morning I charged it. But that wasn’t the problem. It’s hard to deal with maintenance problems when you can’t speak the language! I turned off all the circuit breakers after the maintenance guy couldn’t figure things out and one of the breakers would not go back on. We showed him that and the breaker had blown. It was black! It kept the whole building from burning down. We called our language teacher to act as a go-between us and the maintenance people. We have had to use him to deal with several maintenance problems lately. I’m glad they happened during our watch near the end of the 3 months because S&D would not have known what to do. Our Father knows best!

We leave our city on June 3 in the evening and fly to the capital for 4 nights. We will be home on June 7 in the evening. This has been such a wonderful experience!

Thanks so much for taking this journey with us!

-C & S

Now to show you a few of the sights we will miss seeing!