COVID-19 Update

Dear Church Family,

Please take a moment to view this video.

Coverage of the Coronavirus disease and its seemingly rapid growth throughout the world has invaded the airwaves and social media feeds like a flood. Floods often occur with little notice and soon overwhelm everything in its path.

This reminds me of Psalm 29:10-11 which says,

“The LORD sits enthroned over the flood;
the LORD is enthroned as King forever.
The LORD gives strength to His people;
the LORD blesses His people with peace.”

As children of God we have peace knowing the LORD is King over whatever flood may come. In every circumstance He is the one who gives strength to endure, so we may love and confidently serve Him.

Our leadership staff has been closely following the developments in the state and is monitoring the requests of local and state leadership. Our primary goal is to be a place where God’s children come together to worship, but as stewards of that space, we want to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Here is our current plan for this Sunday and the following weekdays:

  1. Sunday AM services at all campuses will be held as scheduled this week.
  2. Nursery, children’s ministry, Bible Fellowship classes, and any other small group WILL NOT meet this Sunday morning. There will only be worship services.
  3. We are working to make everything as touch free as possible. No greeting time. Bulletins set out to be picked up. Offering securely collected in foyer and other worship center access points and no plates passed in service.
  4. The facilities staff is diligently working to ensure that areas have been cleaned and disinfected including high touch items such as door handles, pew back and other areas.
  5. Those who are not well are asked to stay home, rest and heal.
  6. Live Stream is available on our Facebook Page or our church website for those unable to attend.
  7. Giving to OneFund via online giving is available if one cannot attend
  8. Text giving is active as well. Simply text 73256 and type GIVETOFBC $(amount). eg. GIVETOFBC $100

Updates are coming in regularly and should one come that requires us to make a change we will communicate as quickly and thoroughly as we can. Please help us communicate to those who are not connected digitally.
It’s a privilege to be your pastor.