Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship

There is a wide range of ways that adults of all ages can get plugged in at First Baptist.  We believe one of the best ways to be plugged in is through one of our Bible studies that happen throughout the week.  On our Downtown Campus we have Bible Fellowship during all 3 of our worship hours.  On our Village Park campus we have small groups that meet throughout the week.

Please Click through the classes below.  If you should need any assistance or wish to connect with a class or group please contact Jenny at 352-787-1005.

Downtown Campus

Preschool – 9:45 & 11:00 am Bldg. D, Ground Floor
Preschool for children birth through K-5. Check in @ Preschool reception desk, Bldg. D for registration. After Worship, the children can be picked up from here.

Children – 9:45 AM Bible Fellowship; 11:00 AM Children’s Worship in Building D
Children grades 1-5 are provided Bible Fellowship at 9:45 A.M. which will dismiss at 10:30 A.M. followed by Children’s Worship at 11:00—Noon. Parents can meet their children in the reception area. For security reasons, please do not go to the classroom door, and wait for your children to come directly to you. Please check in at the Children’s reception desk in Building D for registration.

Students 9:45 AM Building B, Second Floor
Student Fellowships are provided for grades 6-12. Please check in at the Student reception desk, located outside room 214 in Building B for registration.

9:45 am Classes
Room A226 – Fireproof Your Marriage (20-40)
Room E204 – Fruitful Fellowship (30-50)
Fellowship Hall – Family Enrichment (20-45)

9:45 am Classes
Room A126 – Pearls (Women All Ages)
Room B113 – Caring Hands (Deaf Ministry)
Room C105 – Heart & Soul (Adult Special Needs)
Room B111 – Crossroads (Co-ed 50-60)
Men’s Center – Reflections of Grace (Men’s Residents)

College & Young Adults
9:45 – B312 – College Age (Co-ed)

Haitian Ministry
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM in Haitian Building on Sundays
Englise Baptiste des Racgetes is led by Pierre Joseph.

9:45 am Classes
Room A124 – The Cornerstone (Co-ed 40-55)
Room D105 – Seeking His Will (All ages)
Room E120 – Verse by Verse (Co-ed 25-55)
Room E125 – Disciples of the Way (All Ages)

8:15 am Classes
Room B111 – Harold Holland Class (Co-ed 60+)
Chapel – SonRise (Co-ed 55+)

11:00 am Classes
Chapel – Explorers – Tom Ingram/Tom Welt (Co-ed 55+)
Fellowship Hall – Pathfinders – Neil Stewart (Co-ed 55+)
Room A126 -Living Strong – Tim McMahon (Co-ed 50+)
Room A128 – Faithful Ruth Class (Ladies Only 60+)
Room B111 – Triple Crowns – Bing Johnson/Clyde Mason (Co-ed 65+)
Room B113 – Joy Class – Gail Emerson (Ladies Only 65-89)
Room D105 – Word Strong – Bud Oxendine (Co-ed 50+)

Ministry Staff


Steve Rippy

Discipleship Pastor
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Jenny Utz

Ministry Assistant
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Emily Day

Ministry Assistant
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