ReHired Program – 05.17.2018 – An Incredible Time

ReHired Program – 05.17.2018 – An Incredible Time

An Incredible Time

We have another sister since we last wrote!  We spent a lot of time talking with 2 young women about the Father a few weeks ago at one of the favorite tourist sports. We had taken them out to eat, so they took us out to dinner for some local foods that we had never eaten. It was yummy!

We have been helping several of the Ms. S helped one pack so they could move and babysat for 2 others.

Our Friday English study in Luke is going very well—we can’t wait to see them all tomorrow. Many have been helping a woman who came to know the Father a couple of weeks ago so it’s wonderful to see the body in action!  Thank you so much for lifting us up – please don’t stop!

-C & S

And now for a couple of pictures!