ReHired Program – 04.23.2018 – An Exciting Spring

ReHired Program – 04.23.2018 – An Exciting Spring

An Exciting Spring

Father continues to amaze us as we go throughout our life here!  Here is just a few examples of some of the many incredible things He is doing:

  • We are so thrilled to share that we have a new sister in the family! We are very excited!
  • Our English study in Luke had 16 people last week and more keep coming.
  • Some of our friends recently took their daughter to the States for surgery, and it went well. We took care of their 4 boys some of the time they were gone.
  • We got to go visit an ancient city near our town. We took a bus, the subway, and the smallest taxi you have ever seen that only goes 30 miles per hour the last few kilometers. Their civilization is so old and it was very interesting.
  • English corner is going great at both universities, and we are often able to talk about the father.
  • We had a team from Oklahoma here who knew my best friend in high school who led me to the father 48 years ago—so amazing how that happens!

Please, please keep lifting us up!!

-C & S