9.16.2019 – Re-Hired Program – A Full Week

9.16.2019 – Re-Hired Program – A Full Week

We go to English Corners twice a week to meet university students and lead discussions in English for 90 minutes. We hope to invite students to our English Corner where we discuss Mark on Fridays.

Last time we were here we taught 17 teachers from the provinces how to pronounce English better because most were English teachers. We went out to dinner with one of them this past week, and she introduced us to her fiancé. We introduced them both to pizza—they had never had pizza before. They drove us to the American pizza place and on the way, we saw an interesting form of transportation for one person.

We were going somewhere and heard beautiful music inside a store. We went in and these lovely girls were giving a concert. The store was using them as a promotion.

No pictures from this country would be complete without dragons. This is above a restaurant.

We came home Sunday night and our neighbor welcomed us with this.

It’s BBQ chicken claws and wings. Very spicy! I give them chocolate chip cookies and banana muffins. It’s the thought that counts!

Please keep lifting us up!!

-C & S