6.20.2019 – Re-Hired Program – Returning Home

6.20.2019 – Re-Hired Program – Returning Home

Here we are sitting in JFK airport after 4 of the most blessed months of our lives.

This past week was filled with hugs and tears.  Goodbyes that aren’t forever.  Thankfulness. Praise.  Even one more new believer was added!!!!

Father was in this trip from the very beginning  all the way to the blue skies when we left.  There is so much more to be done here. So many hungry to learn and grow.

Lift up all these new believers and seekers that wise and strong leaders will come beside them. Lift up the remaining leaders in this city as so many have left in the past few months increasing the work load on those remaining. Give them strength Father.  I ask that more people step out in faith to do this work while remembering that He promises to equip all that He calls.

Thank you for all your support and love.   Look for an announcement on when we will be able to share our amazing race with the Father. He is so so good.