6.10.2019 – ReHired Program – Finishing Strong

6.10.2019 – ReHired Program – Finishing Strong

Seems like we are always sending you pictures of food.  Really, that’s not all we do here…but, we do eat some fantastic things.

This week was filled with sorrow and joy.  Saying goodbye to friends leaving for vacation and other reasons is always difficult.  But we sent them off knowing they are well loved, covered in PR and welcome to visit our hometown anytime.

Joy came when 3 girls were to come to our home Thursday evening, and they brought 4 guys who are all seeking. An hour and a half study turned into 3 hours. No new decisions were made at that time. But Sunday, Mr. C got a message from a young man that wanted to meet him right away to PR.  They met, and we have a new brother!  Father is so very good.

We spent the weekend visiting a sister’s hometown and meeting family. Then we all traveled to a special mountain for this area.

Our hearts were heavy as we observed people bowing and saying PRs to empty images.  We walked the sights saying PRs to the most high One.   The mountain itself was one of the most beautiful we’ve seen.  The walk up was tiring.  But we came away with a new understanding and a new burden for those lost and misdirected.

We have 1 week left.  We are trying to cram in as many meetings as possible and use our time wisely.   You all sent us here in good faith to do this work, and we are so thankful for this.


  1. One waiting to make a decision this week
  2. That we can find someone to mentor new ones over the summer since so many are out of town
  3. That we can be most productive in our time left
  4. That Father would raise up more to come here!!!

Where He leads us, we will follow,