Re-Hired Program – 5.28.2019 – Savoring Every Moment

Re-Hired Program – 5.28.2019 – Savoring Every Moment

We have just three weeks left out of 17. Time does fly.  We are at the point now of starting the goodbyes as some of our friends are leaving next week for vacations and some moving.

Needless to say, goodbyes are always hard.

But one of the nice things about goodbyes is there is usually great food. Friends have taken us to new places and we have experienced more exotic foods.

Some are almost too pretty to eat!

And we can say this is the first time our fruit juice came in a sippy rabbit!

We are also trying to take in a couple more sights we had not gotten to see along with some great history lessons.

We also have a deep concerns for some of our new believers as we leave and no one follows us for the summer.  We are asking Father to provide mentors for these young people.  They are just babies in Him and need to be fed.  We may add another new one this week as she is opening her heart each time we meet.

Specific requests this week:

  1. Our meeting with “H” Thursday – that she will take that step of faith
  2. Party at our house Friday evening with a mix of Faith’s. This may be our last time with some of these young people – pray that we will make an impact on their lives
  3. Time Saturday with a B-ddh-st friend that is asking questions
  4. Marriage encounter we are helping teach next Sunday evening
  5. For those serving here who are making huge changes this summer. For encouragement, wisdom, peace, and assurance that Father is in control
  6. That we use these last three weeks to the fullest

Only and always for Him,