ReHired Program – 4.15.2019 – Are You Serious?

ReHired Program – 4.15.2019 – Are You Serious?

It seems impossible but this week marks two full months we’ve been here – which means that we are at the halfway mark.  Time has flown by and this coming month will speed by even more quickly as we will be traveling 24 out of the next 30 days.  We will be traveling this coming week to Malaysia to see a friend and offer encouragement to him.  After that we are taking four trips, in all different directions to rural towns, to spread greetings.  We are so excited to see the path the Father has prepared for us.

This week we hosted fellowship in our home Sunday. It’s always a delight to see how many shoes get piled in the entrance.

Many of our friends practice a whole food plant based diet and gluten free.  Mrs. C  is just learning how to bake this way.  She prepared banana bread in 3 flavors.

They tasted fantastic but the texture was soft.  But you can see how little was left!

Mr. C gave a great lesson on wisdom from our brother James’ book.

We continued with our English corners and teachers class this week with a good turn out.  Also private studies were good.

But the highlight of the week came  from one young woman Mrs. C meets with on Wednesday evening. She had told her we would be out of town the next week and they would not be able to meet again for two weeks. Friday night a text came that she had studied all the material she was given on Wednesday and she just didn’t think she could wait two weeks to learn more!  She asked if she could come to our house Sunday evening to have more study time.  Of course she was welcomed. There is such eagerness and fire in this new family member!

Prayer requests for this week:

  1. For continued good turnout at English corner and freedom of conversation
  2. Help with personal studies and translation clarity
  3. The Tuesday English teacher class as we will be presenting next Sunday’s holiday
  4. Travel mercies
  5. Our time with our friend in Malaysia that we may get a glimpse of his new life and work and offer encouragement and support to him
  6. For opportunities to share while in Malaysia , which is predominantly Muslim

For His glory only,