ReHired Program – 1.2.2019 – Seeing Some Arts & Crafts

ReHired Program – 1.2.2019 – Seeing Some Arts & Crafts

Seeing Some Arts & Crafts

We have been able to see some amazing arts and crafts this week!  Here are some pictures from the Silk/Embroidery Museum we visited.

We saw two masters weaving/brocading on special looms that were quite amazing and gifted by the multi-tasking and syncing with each other to make a pattern.

Santa face creations were made by kids at the school we taught.

These last three pictures were taken at one of the antique malls.

We saw several artists and their wares they displayed.  Their crafts are truly astounding and we really enjoyed talking with them.  (OK; we went with friends who knew their language and they translated!)

Thank you so much for pr. for us – please don’t stop!!

-K & M