ReHired Program – 1.2.2019 – Twas the Week of Christmas

ReHired Program – 1.2.2019 – Twas the Week of Christmas

Twas the Week of Christmas

Those with passports met for International P&W special songs and the sermon was Hebrews 2:10-18. How, What and Why…“He didn’t want Heaven without us”.

Three friends came to our home and prepared a meal for us. Our Table for Five!  We enjoyed great fellowship and conversation!

The title of our teaching class that week was “What is Christmas “, and we shared some of the history and cultural practices of this precious day. We also shared a gift exchange and caroling. So fun . . . !

We then enjoyed a shopping day, finding our way by Didi (like Uber). We are loving the door to door service!

We tried out Subway transportation to a large complex in this city where we found a beautiful orchid.

We also found IKEA, and we did not get lost!  While at IKEA, we bought some carpet and plants for our apartment.

We enjoyed some much-needed Grandma time with three young ladies, and we watched the movie “The Christmas Candle”.

We had a Christmas Party with 12 friends, where we made “dumplings” and everyone brought snacks.

We also sang Christmas carols by candle light, ad then watched the movie “Wonder”.  We were invited to read the Christmas Story out of Lk 2:1-14 and share the “Legend of the Candy Cane”.  It was a beautiful evening!

Much love-Merry Christmas to all!