10.4.2019 – Re-Hired Program – Catching up

10.4.2019 – Re-Hired Program – Catching up

The past few weeks we have met one-on-one with many students and adults we met last time we were here. We have encouraged them in their fa—h and listened to them and their struggles. They have told us how glad they are we came back.

C often meets with people at Starbucks. E’s mother (the one we dunked) came to our apartment to visit us. She checked herself out of the hospital for the evening and took a Didi (like an Uber) with a friend to our house to meet us. We had 2 women serve as interpreters and as we walked to dinner, she told our friend she wants a fa—h like hers and ours. We hope to see her again in early November to share more with her!

The people here are very patriotic. National Day was at the beginning of this month, and many watched the big parade with the military and lots of floats that morning. Many have the week off so most of the students were traveling back to their hometowns for the week. We are having an American student over for dinner tonight so she won’t be so lonely. I’m cooking chicken with homemade noodles and a salad!

Here is a jam packed Apple Store on a Saturday afternoon. The fountain at this mall is coordinated with music and lovely to watch. It is a very upscale mall built around a temple area. When you are in the temple area, you feel like you have gone back in time hundreds of years. Then you step out into the bustling 21st century. Quite a contrast!

Here are some common sights in our city. We are encouraged by the number of students who come to our English Corner at our house. We are studying the book of Mark. We just had a new sister added to our family!

Since it is National Holiday week, we went to a fun part of town to shop and see the sights. Not far from here, we stopped at a Dairy Queen for some ice cream to rest our feet and have a familiar snack.

Please keep lifting us up!

-C & S