Well, today was our last day here in Guatemala.  As you can see from these pictures…

our time with the children was so sweet today!  What a blessing it was to watch our Youth Pastor, Chris, loving on the children!

There were some who loved just being held…

and others who wanted to stand up a bit!

Either way, they stole our hearts and it was so hard to say goodbye!

Also, the guys have been working outside on various projects…

and also taking some much-needed breaks!

Now we are preparing to leave our hotel at around 3 a.m. tomorrow morning to make it to our 7 a.m. flight.  It’s been a wonderful week and we are so blessed!

Once again, we woke up to some gorgeous views…

and enjoyed some morning worship as a team!

We then headed out to play with the children at the Malnutrition Center.

Here are some pictures of Mrs. Kathleen!

We also spent some time packing food for the sponsor children.  These children have been released from the center yet, because they get sponsored by someone through Orphan’s Heart, are able to come back to the center once a month to get clothes and food!

Please be praying for these last few days of our trip – pray for us to spread the love of Christ to the children and to finish strong!

Good evening from Guatemala!!  We woke up to an absolutely beautiful view this morning…

and started our day off with devotions and worship as a team!

We then split up into different teams for a good part of the day, which we will be doing for the next few days.  Some of us spent the day with the children at the Malnutrition Center…

while others of us went in a different direction!

We were actually given the opportunity to go to an elder day care and love on the people there while they played games,


and just hung out!

It’s been a great day here and we are grateful!!  Please keep praying!

Today was our first day at the Malnutrition Center!  We fed the children lunch…

and had so much fun playing with them in the different rooms!

Here is a snapshot of our bus transportation

as well as a picture of us all overlooking the city of Antigua!

Buenas noches, amigos!

Hey! This month has gone by so fast! We have finished classes and we are spending more time with friends. I helped with an elementary class party that a local sister was doing in hopes of sharing with their parents. It was exciting to play games with the cute children and see the sharing of the good news to the parents. Even when I could not understand what they were saying, I could feel the Father moving.

We had our last Good Book studies this past weekend and we will have our last English corners this week. Students are in finals week right now. Many will finish this week or next week and then leave our city to go back home. I have been spending as much time with my friends as I can because I know they will leave soon. We had our going away party Saturday since many students will be leaving soon. It was such a sweet time with our friends!

Please be yarping for this next week, that I would be wise with my time. We have about one week until we leave for debrief in Taiwan. I will be in Taiwan for 4 days and then return to this city for the month of July.

Love y’all!

As you can see, we were very thankful to get here late last night after spending most of our days in airports, planes and buses!

We started this morning with a worship service as a team

followed up by some time on the town – becoming acquainted with ‘tuk tuks’, a time of ziplining and lunch at McDonald’s!

It’s been a great first day here.  The work begins tomorrow!  Please keep us in your prayers!

Hey guys!!  What a full day it has been!!  We met early at the church this morning and then headed to the airport…

where we boarded our flight to Guatemala!!  We are so excited to see all that God has in store for this week.  More to come soon – but in the meantime, please keep us in your prayers as we begin this week of ministry!


I have had a very busy month but it also has been an amazing blessing! At the beginning of the month I got to visit Thailand for my visa run. It was a fun and relaxing few days. Then when I got back, I hit the ground running with a team from the States. It was such an an incredible time leading this team. They encouraged me and gave me a taste of home back in America.

During the weeks that they were here, we were able to do a lot of outreach on campus and make many new friends. We spent time meeting with new and old friends, sharing, answering questions, and doing Good Book studies.

Please continue to lift up our Good Book studies. Also, I have a few friends that are very close to believing. Continue to yarp that their hearts will open to the truth!


Things are crazy busy here!!  I just returned from a visa run to Thailand which was great!

Now I am back on the ground and busy with a team that has come to visit!!

Please be lifting us up as we seek to engage those around us with the love of Father!  More to come soon.

Love y’all!

This morning we enjoyed a worship service with Quad 20, which started after breakfast and lasted until about noon. It was led by Caleb and Clara* with an emphasis on Acts 18.

We had a wonderful time of testimonials, songs, Scripture reading, discussion and prayer. We then had lunch and fellowship in cafeteria at noon. At 4, we gathered with the group from Tifton to finish stuffing bags before dinner at 5. We looked forward to what is known as the weekly “Cultural Worship Service” at 6pm. Each week, this service is done in different ways to help prepare the outgoing missionaries for the ways that worship will look in their new countries!

Cultural worship tonight was  unique in that it began with the song “How Great Thou Art,” in Swedish and English. There was a band comprised of  five missionaries. The missionary who led the worship had his daughter translate in English. A missionary read scripture in Italian. A family sang a gypsy song and the preacher spoke in Croatian. Prayer requests and testimonials were done in English.

We went out afterwards for coffee and dessert with the Tifton group and a group of the single missionaries. It was a fun time of fellowship.

At the end of our last full day here in Richmond, we truly feel it has been an honor to serve and represent our church, for as Romans 1:16 says, we are “not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes.” May it be so that our missionaries will be able to go forth boldly in the power of the Lord and His strength.

*Names changed for security reasons.