After a fun night night at Fenway Park, we had the ‘breakfast of champions’ this morning

and then we got to work at Milestone Church, doing things like laying the carpet in the sanctuary…

(well, some of us!)  Here is a picture showing you more of the sanctuary…

Jake and Jamie put in the doors for the sanctuary

and we did some work in the new restrooms!

As you can see, we have been working a lot today!  We are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring!

Just a quick note to let you know that we made it to Boston and are enjoying a wonderful evening at Fenway Park!

We look forward to seeing all that the Lord has in store and will try to write more soon.  In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers!!

The least of these

        Soroti was an amazing journey as we saw a well-run organization reach out to children in need and their families. The medical clinic really helped the children and the home visit to sponsor children gave an opportunity to shower love, share the gospel and give out clothing.

        The team is anticipating going home tomorrow and dinner at Katherine’s house reminded us of allowing ourselves to follow God’s purpose for our lives. Our final WOW time rang with unity and love. We encouraged each other to take time to process and pick our God moments for answering the inevitable questions of “how was it?” God prepared each of us to be here for such a time as this.

God bless the little children!

        The Source of the Nile was an inspirational trip today for the team, the staff and the Genesis Preschool children. Again we were amazed at the control the children exhibited and the complete unselfishness they practice. The trip on the Nile went without a problem! 

       After the wonderful boat ride we had a picnic in the park. It was an honor to serve the children and to have a special treat of vegetarian and beef samosas.

        Special tailored shirts, dresses, blouses, handbags, and accessories handcrafted by the Hines Ugandan Ministries Craft Shop were completed and handed out to the team after the return from Jinja. The Craft Center is teaching people valuable skills!

        Dinner at Katherine’s house made Rhonda reflect on how the team had bonded in the last week as she described listening to the laughter and conversations. She remarked that this represented clearly the body of Christ!

        Blessings from Kamonkoli!

Even through we’ve already sent 2 short term teams and one mid-term college student in the past, this team looks to pave the way for a decade or more of partnership in this area. As we made our way through foreign airports on the way home, we can’t help but think of all the future possibilities.


Of how our club can make a real impact in this area: in hearts who have never heard the good news … in villages that have less than nothing … in lives that are serving here and are asking for help, support, training, love and encouragement.

We were told over and over … ” don’t send us money, send us YOU”. That’s what is needed, you and I. To help finish a task that only the Father can do through those who answer the call. Even though you don’t come here for yourself, you leave as a different “self” than what arrived.

Come back with us, you’ll never regret your investment!


Today is our last full day here. We started off with our first real morning of sleeping in and a few went on a run through some local squares where everyone was dancing (are we back in The Villages?).

One of our club members living here took most of the group to a historic area and others planned next years partnership with our on the ground friends.  Dumplings for lunch are always welcomed (by most).

Our team debriefed together which was a wonderful time of sharing our experiences and what the Father was doing in our own lives

Back to the hotel for some rest and then a bus to a coffee house we rented for a dance party with our friends here.  One of our team members arrived in style.

We had so much fun sharing current and past American dances with our friends here who don’t get to the states often.  Good coffee and huge cookies didn’t hurt either.

I wish I could show you pictures of all our friends here, but for security reasons you’ll just have to come back with us next year.  In a nutshell they are an amazing group of diverse servants who love the father and the people they serve, and have laid down their lives for a greater treasure.

Back to the hotel for a solid 3 hrs of sleep before the alarm goes off at 2:30am! We’re going home tomorrow.








God’s Amazing Beauty!

    The team headed out to Sipi Falls today to see the beauty of God’s nature in Uganda. One of our team commented that the evidence of nature declared the truth that God is the creator!

   Hiking together to see two different levels of the falls was an excellent team building and bonding experience. We saw all kinds of plants including coffee, avocado, cabbage, tomatoes and many more giving a feeling of the Garden of Eden. Oh, the PBJ’s for lunch were a treat!

 God is very good!

On Tuesday afternoon both the North and South Teams met up back in our main city to spend our last few days together! We have so enjoyed being reunited and able to share our experiences from the last week with each other!

On Wednesday morning we got up bright and early to go see the pandas!! We had to go as early as possible as the pandas only come out in the morning! Yes, it was very hot and yes, we did a ton of walking but boy did we have a fun time!

Last night we split up for the evening – the dads and kids went to eat pizza and swim, while the ladies had a ladies night with some of our friends here! We gave them the gifts that so many of you sent and they were overjoyed! That was one of the most precious times! There was much laughter, a few tears and a lot of joy!


> Great Day With the Children and Ladies


> Wonderful day at Hines Ugandan Ministries and Genesis School. In the morning we got to help feed the children their morning snack. The morning assembly was beautiful with the whole school praying, singing the national anthem of Uganda, and praying again! The team started the lessons and crafts with the school with a Bible reading at the assembly talking about the disciples becoming fishers of men. It was a great morning and the children, staff and team had a fun time.


> In the afternoon we read to the children and they read to us. One team had a group of children that wanted to read about Jesus! We had books with us that told stories about Jesus and one of them was based on the morning Bible verse! We have seen God working here in mighty ways.


> Afternoon tea with the ladies was outstanding! Being able to share the word of God with them and love them was a joy!


> Our day was made complete with a visit to Pastor Charles’ new house, complete with a War Room! Dinner and fellowship were full of Christian love and laughter.

Village blessings!

By Jim Robbins and Dr. Allen J. Holmes

Today our team visited 7 villages in the Kamonkoli area to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to distribute clothing and “sweeties.” As one member in our team said it was us who received the blessing as each village showed us love and gratitude!

Being back at the Holmes Medical Clinic again was exciting as always.  Every time I walk through the doors I am reminded of when just a few years ago it was only a dream and a vision.  But through the hard work of Orphan’s Heart and HUM coupled with the generosity of many it became a reality.   It is a fully functioning medical clinic meeting the medical needs of the local community with the motivation of gaining the opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel.  Today we held both a general medical clinic as well as a cervical cancer screening initiative at the clinic.  By the end of the day, 180 patients had been seen in the clinic including men, women, and children.  For me, one of the best parts of working in the clinic is working along side my friend and brother in Christ, Michael Namai.  Michael is the clinical medical officer (physician’s assistance) that runs HMC.  He has done an outstanding job of assembling a medical team of nurses, lab technician, and registrar.  In addition he continues to build more programs into the clinic to further improve the health care in Kamonkoli.  To God be the Glory for what He has empowered to happen through the medical clinic.  

We also visited the Craft Ministry and got measured for clothing. The ministry has so many wonderful sewn and embroidered items and the craftsmanship is very good. It was nice to see people being trained in sewing.

Our WOW time reminded each of us that God is in control and that even in tough times he uses us to be his blessings to others! To God be the glory!

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