What an amazing weekend as we traveled into the mountains in the north to the epicenter of the horrific 2008 earthquake.

We taught English to 7th through 9th grade students.  Their school was completely destroyed in  2008 and is all newly rebuilt.  The children had never seen a foreigner before and we were greeted warmly by students and staff.  We shared hand shakes, high fives and hugs with 300 students.  We also hiked through the country side and walked the path of the fault line which is now beautifully paved with stones to mark it as a memorial.  

We were told stories of heart ache and pain as well as victory and healing. We were given the opportunity to offer blessings on some new homes and families and sow some seeds for the Father.

Lift up this area that the Father will become present in the lives in this remote village.

Thank you for lifting us up as we traveled and took the words into the mountains!

-C & C

This past month has been exciting! At my Friday night study, I had two girls come. We were reading through James Chapter 1 and they were asking such great questions. Like how was the world created and what does the good book say about the future? I am not sure how reading James lead to those questions but  am so thankful it did. Later that night both girls yarped to know the Father!!! My heart is full of joy for these two girls! They are so excited and want to invite more friends.

We also celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival: during this holiday you eat mooncakes and look at the moon. Unfortunately you don’t know what is inside the mooncake until you take a bite. It could be fruit, red bean, dried shrimp, pork, egg yoke… or other exciting things.

Continue to yarp for the local clubs here and decisions that are being made this month!



We just finished Mid-Autumn Festival here, which meant a full week with no school.  Most businesses and restaurants were closed and people left the city to travel to their home towns.  Nevertheless, signs of celebration could seen everywhere!

Last week we had the privilege of speaking at a 2 days seminar on marriage.  It was an event full of blessings.  This coming weekend we will be traveling to a town to which no foreigner has ever traveled and we are looking forward to sharing the good news for the first time there. Please be lifting us up!

-C & C

Hello family and friends.  We have made it through our first month and time is passing too quickly.  Here are a few pictures we have taken recently!

We are on the go all the time.  This week C has added assistant coaching of baseball to his schedule, which provides a great opportunity to build relationships with kids and their parents.

We would also like you to begin lifting us up for a weekend travel we will be going on. We have been asked to go home with one of our English students for a weekend.  She lives 4 hours away in a remote village in the mountains. No foreigner has been there…which also means that the good news has not been shared there either.  This village was also very close to the epicenter of the 2008 earthquake that killed over 100,000 people. We’re sure their grief is still quite fresh in their hearts.

It will just been the 2 of us traveling with our student.  Please ask the Father to begin preparing the hearts of these people to receive the word.  Also, ask that we would be given wisdom while we share and safe travels.

Thank you for all your love and support!

C & C

It’s so difficult to describe where we are serving. Sleek modern high rises next to lower economic housing as far as the eye can see.

Multiple modes of travel…

 and dancing on the street. 

14 million people available to speak with.  We remain busy every day interacting with as many as possible.  Teaching English to middle school teachers, sharing nursing experience at local clinic, baby sitting for friends here, participating in study groups and taking language lessons 3 times a week.  More things are being added to our schedule each week. Never a dull moment.  The Father has clearly gone before us to pave the way.  We feel safe and strong in all ways.  And our awareness of openings to share has become sharper every day.  Thank you for your support and love!

-C & C


This summer has been exciting and busy! July felt like I was back home. I had a surprise visit from my Dad and had a great and encouraging time with the team from back home!

I started classes back up in August and I feel like I am slowly getting a grasp on the language. I am so excited to have C&C here! I have loved spending time with them. This week the English corner started back up and the Friday and Saturday night studies will start back up this weekend. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things! Yarp that I have many opportunities to share with people that have open hearts!

Thank y’all for your continued lifting up! Love y’all!


We’ve been here just 7 days and have seen the Father’s hand at work everywhere we turn! We have meet all of our team and have been welcomed with open arms.

We have worshipped, studied, prayed and broken bread together.  We have learned to navigate the city by foot, taxi, bus, and elevated busway. We tackle the subway next.  The size of this city is overwhelming. So many people, so many needs.

We are taking private language class 8 hours per week. Already the Father is putting people our path and His call is made clearer each day to us.  Please lift us up as we make connections that we will be equipped to do what He has set before us.

Greetings from the Louisville airport!!  We arrived early this morning, before the sun had even thought about coming up, unloaded the car, got all checked in and are waiting for our flight to take off!

We should touch down in East Asia a little after midnight tomorrow night (eastern time).  We are thrilled to be beginning this journey and cannot wait to see all that the Father has in store!  Please be lifting us up.  More to come soon!

-C & C

After a fun night night at Fenway Park, we had the ‘breakfast of champions’ this morning

and then we got to work at Milestone Church, doing things like laying the carpet in the sanctuary…

(well, some of us!)  Here is a picture showing you more of the sanctuary…

Jake and Jamie put in the doors for the sanctuary

and we did some work in the new restrooms!

As you can see, we have been working a lot today!  We are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring!

Just a quick note to let you know that we made it to Boston and are enjoying a wonderful evening at Fenway Park!

We look forward to seeing all that the Lord has in store and will try to write more soon.  In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers!!