There is a wide range of ways that adults of all ages can get plugged in at First Baptist.  We believe one of the best ways to be plugged in is through one of our Bible studies that happen throughout the week.  On our Downtown Campus we have Bible Fellowship during all 3 of our worship hours.  On our Village Park campus we have small groups that meet throughout the week.

Please Click through the classes below.  If you should need any assistance or wish to connect with a class or group please contact Jenny at 352-787-1005.

Downtown Campus

  • Age Graded

    Classes are available for children birth through K-5 during our 9:45am & 11:00am.  You can check in your preschoolers at the preschool reception desk located in building D.  After  Worship, children can be picked up in the same area.

    Children grades 1-5 have classes during our 9:45am Worship service and are dismissed at 10:45am. Children who are staying the second hour or just arriving for our 11:00am service will enjoy being apart of our KidsWorship time.  Children are dropped off and picked up in the Children’s welcome area located in the foyer of our gym.

    Youth Bible Fellowship classes are provided for teenagers in grades 6-12.  Our youth meet on the second floor of our B building

    For college-aged adults (18-25) Bible fellowship classes are offered during our 9:30am worship hour in the College House located next door to First Academy school.

  • Families

    9:45am Classes
    Room A226 – Fireproof Your Marriage
    Room A224 – Fruitful Fellowship
    Room A223 – Home Builders 
  • Focused Groups

    9:45am Classes
    Room B111 –  Caring Hands (Deaf Ministry)
    Room C105 – Heart & Soul (Adult Special Needs)
    Room E115 –  Reflections of Grace
    Fellowship Hall – Pearls (Women only)

    11:00am Classes
    Haitian Building – Haitian Worship & Bible Study

  • Median Adults

    9:45am Classes
    Room E125 – Disciples of the Way (Co-ed 35-55)
    Room A126 – Journey (Co-ed 40-55)
    Room E120 – Verse by Verse (Co-ed )
    Room D105 – Seeking His Will
    Room A124 – Cornerstone
  • Legacy Adults

    8:15am Classes
    Room B111 –  Holland Class
    Room D105 – The Word Searchers
    Fellowship Hall – SonRise

    9:45am Classes
    Mens Residence – Wisdom Seekers

    11:00am Classes
    Room B111 –  BYKOTA Class
    Room A128 – Faithful Ruth Class
    Room D105 – Unshackled
    Room B113  – Joy Class
    Room A124  -Potter’s Clay Class
    Room A126 – Seniors in Action
    Room A121 – Finishing Strong
    Room B113 – Singles
    Mens Residence – Forever Young
    Fellowship Hall – Pathfinders

  • Small Groups/Home Groups

    Sundays 6:00pm
    SunnySide Area  
    This group meets near Sunnyside area in Leesburg, FL.  The group is made up of young families with kids, and childcare is provided.

    Lady Lake Area
    This group meets on the north end of town near Lady Lake.  This group is made up of young families both with and without kids.

    Thursdays 2:30pm
    This group meets at the home of Jeanette Ellis, 1149 Mockingbird Lane. It is lead by Art Michaels. Email or call 352-633-2910 for more info.

    Fridays 6:30pm
    Hemingway II
     This group meets at the home of Joe and Joyce Comer, 2476 Adriana Way. It is lead by Craig Estep. Email or call 352-643-1276 for more info.




Village Park Campus

  • Village of Duval

    Home: Ginnie & Art Michaels
    Facilitator: Art Michaels
    Address: 1284 Murrells Inlet Loop
    Contact #: 352-750-4002
    Time: Tuesdays at 2pm

  • Village of Dunedin

    Home: Dave & Cathy Cottrell
    Facilitator: Dave & Cathy Cottrell
    Address: 904 Wren St.
    Contact #: 267-987-5310
    Time: Tuesdays at 6:30pm

  • Village of Pennekamp

    Home: Ken & Linda Roth
    Facilitator: Ken Roth
    Address: 1955 Eldridge Loop
    Contact #: 352-259-3017
    Time: Sundays at 6:30pm

  • Village of Amelia

    Home: Jerry & Arlene Smith
    Facilitator: David Blandford
    Address: 2079 Jem Path
    Contact #: 352-633-3663
    Time: Sundays at 7pm

  • Village of Hemingway

    Home: Billy & Jean Rogers
    Facilitator: Tom & Nancy Spamann
    Address: 2704 Midland Terrace
    Contact #: 513-673-1710
    Time: Wednesdays at 6:30pm

  • Village of Charlotte

    Home: David and Sharon Faile
    Facilitator: David Faile
    Address: 554 Yarburough Way
    Contact #: 407-435-7245 or 205-612-3160
    Time: Sundays at 6pm


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