July 21 – 27, 2014


Holy, Holy, Holy: God’s holy and Righteous Character

This week we will look at the Holiness of God.  This attribute of His undergirds all others.  Out of His Holiness is His commitment to justice, and love for people.  When properly understood God’s love for us becomes the motivating voce for our joining Him in His mission of seeking and saving the lost. 

Daily Readings

Day 1 -  Psalm 99:1-7
Day 2 -  Exodus 34:1-9
Day 3 -  Exodus 34:10-35
Day 4 -  Hosea 1:1- 2:13
Day 5 -  Hosea 2:14 – 3:1-5


Daily Questions

1. What are some things that stood out as you read the text?
2. What do you believe the main thing that the author is trying to communicate?
3. What did God show you about Himself and/or His character?
4. How do you see yourself in the text? What can you learn about human nature?
5. What questions are you left with after reading the text?
6. In what ways have you been challenged? Will your life be any different because of what you read?