November 17-23 , 2014

Forever Family: Adoption

This week, we will explore the topic of adoption and its privileges. As earthly adoption involves a fundamental transfer of identity, so we will find that the gospel reality of adoption involves a radical transformation. We who once identified with the domain of slavery to sin have been called to a new family, a new freedom, and a future inheritance through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As members of God’s family, we are called to embrace our missional identity in the world.

Key Passage
Galatians Chapters 3 & 4

Questions to consider as you read:

What are some things that stood out as you read the text?
What do you believe the main thing that the author is trying to communicate?
What did God show you about Himself and/or His character?
How do you see yourself in the text? What can you learn about human nature?
What questions are you left with after reading the text?
In what ways have you been challenged? Will your life be any different because of what you read?