China update 6.3.2016 – Logistics Overload

International travel is the real deal.  I’m a logistics guy who has traveled quite a bit in the US but this is a different animal all together! Large needles full of “weakened Typhoid fever”, Visas, emergency evacuation insurance, Virtual Private Network software, visions of squat pottys and a host of other things that I’ve never considered.


Our kids loved the paperwork it took to get their passports …



Even more exciting was the tray of needles they shot into our arms.  Talking about trusting another human being in getting everything right!



Our dining room is full of open suitcases, plastic bags full of requested food, travel shampoos, takeout containers as we empty our fridge and enough of a mess to drive Mandy crazy.  T-minus 2 days.

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  1. Ronald Ross Reply

    Brave girls! God bless you all on your journey! I will be praying for you every night.

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